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All it takes is five easy steps to transform your lawn into a green, healthy lawn. Making you proud of your property all year long! Haligus Services accomplishes this for you with accurately timed and calibrated applications every season. Your first spring app includes fertilizer with crabgrass preventer which is timed as ground temp approaches 55 degrees, this prevents crabgrass from germinating for 6 weeks. The second app is a slow release fert and a blanket spray of your lawn for all broad leaf weeds, including dandelions, clover, creeping charlie and many more. App 3 includes a slow release fert with 3 month grub control. Grubs can destroy a lawn! It can also help with ants, mosquitoes and many more. Slow release fertilizers release nutrients into the soil continuously with rain and water from a sprinkler system. App 4 is a slow release fert with spot spraying for weeds. App 5 is an all mineral fall feeding of your lawn with spot spraying for weeds. This provides a healthy root system for the winter and a greener lawn when it comes out of dormancy in the spring.

Hiring a state certified, professional from our local company means you get the right amounts of lawn fertilization, grub & weed control at the right time. If you don’t have one already, an automated lawn sprinkler system helps guarantee a perfect lawn. If interested, please submit a request on this site or call for a free quote today? Thank you, we forward to servicing you soon!

Lawn Fertilization in lower Michigan


Eliminating Plant and Animal Pests

Unfortunately, the beauty and health of your yard doesn’t only attract the envious and awe-inspired eyes of your neighbors, it also attracts critters who can destroy it. Grub and weed control from us are the best ways to prevent this and ensure your investment has a long and uninterrupted lifespan. We implement structural pest control from your home’s gutters to its foundation with a thoroughness that pests can’t penetrate. Calling us now could save your grass and plants from being choked to death by weeds wanting their nutrients.

One of the most important components of this service is our grub control treatment. Grub worms aren’t as conspicuous as weeds and can be harder to get rid of. They feed on grass roots and can decimate your lawn before you know it, leaving ugly brown patches in their wake. Part of our five-step program is to treat your property and fend them off before they can do damage. Prevention is always better than trying to fix the aftermath, especially since some organisms like termites and beetles can destroy the structural wood of houses. Our experts are trained to identify them and keep them out.

Contact the Haligus team to learn more about our five-step service. We believe it shouldn’t take a lot of time to enjoy a beautiful landscape.