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Meet the Founder, Michael Klepacz

michael klepacz founder of natural materials unlimited

Born and raised in the heart of Toledo, Ohio, my roots lie within a small Polish community, where my blue-collar upbringing and humble beginnings instilled in me the values of hard work and honest living. My parents, who tirelessly juggled multiple jobs, demonstrated that perseverance could provide a comfortable life. While their aspirations remained modest, I developed a vision for a greater future for my wife and our vivacious 3-year-old daughter.

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My passion for learning and exploration was ignited when I joined the Air Force at 18, after completing Aviation Maintenance school. Though I didn’t get to see the world as I had hoped, my experience in an MLM taught me to embrace learning, fueling my curiosity for life. I had the privilege to be trained in Six Sigma by the Toyota Corporation. Project/process management at that moment became a life interest. Though I was medically discharged from the Air Force due to an injury, that did not stop my ambitions. My love for airplanes, motorcycles, and music has never waned, and my eclectic taste spans across genres and decades.

I also love sustainability, inventing, process management, project analysis, problem solving, traveling (Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, and Barcelona, Spain rank highly), water (anything – water sports, winter sports, surfing, skiing, all of it! Oh, and wakeboarding), I also love my wife and 3-year-old daughter. I also love to listen to audiobooks. My favorite books include anything by John C. Maxwell, Tim Ferriss, Abraham Hicks, Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, Wallace Wattles, and more. If you have a book in mind for me to check out, let me know. I love to learn, and I love to teach.

Upon returning to the US after teaching English in Poland, I delved into college textbooks and podcasts while working as a security guard. An acceptance into UCLA’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities redefined my life’s trajectory and invigorated my entrepreneurial spirit. This led to pursuing a business degree at a university in Poland called Kozminski, which is highly ranked by the Financial Times.

Born from the ashes of a disrupted career in aviation due to an injury in 2007; I found a new life mission: championing homeostasis and longevity. My journey overseas transformed my perspective on health and well-being, as I became increasingly fascinated by soil health, sustainability, and agriculture. My newfound passion for sustainable agriculture led me to Permaculture, and my journey into the world of sustainable architecture sparked an unwavering belief in our ability to design buildings that nourish life.

I swapped my aircraft mechanic hat for the hat of an inventor, focusing my efforts on concept development. While at university, I saved up my tuition money and founded Natural Materials Unlimited, a company specializing in designing and manufacturing eco-friendly textile products for clients seeking custom solutions, in 2015. Located in Poland, we specialize in designing products and accessories using sustainable cellulose sources like linen, hemp, and tree-free paper. My commitment to fostering environmental health through sustainable design drives my work, as I believe passionately in the power of environmentally conscious business practices to heal the planet and improve our lives.

Currently residing in Poland with my family, I embrace the challenges of cultural differences and strive to work with purpose until my last breath. My journey thus far has been a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and an unyielding hunger for growth and exploration. As an advocate for sustainable living, I continue to be inspired by the beauty and diversity of countries like Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, and Spain.

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