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Nothing destroys a lawn and ruins the outdoor experience like an infestation of pests. They can eat up your grass and plants, latch onto your pets, and bite people, too. Haligus Services is here to help. We’re your main source for structural pest control services in Napoleon, MI, that get the bugs out for good. Our owner sprays the exterior of your building from the gutters to the foundation. The spray uses demineralized water processed with reverse osmosis water treatment equipment to avoid leaving water marks on your home or hardscaping. Every inch of your property is protected and pest-free. That isn’t the extent of our pest infestation control either. Our lawn care includes grub control too, because we know how detrimental they can be to a green garden or yard. Grubs are so tiny that they can be difficult to detect—until your lawn is irregularly brown and wilted from how many grass roots they’ve eaten. We believe in a preventative approach, and put that into action by treating the problem early on, regardless of whether you have a significant grub problem yet. Ask our associates about prepaying for future services today.

Structural Pest Control Services in Napoleon, MI


Saving Your Home With Our Wood-Destroying Organism Services

You’d be surprised how many insects and fungi can cover your wood and utterly ruin it, causing you untold financial and emotional devastation. Termites are a commonly known threat, but beetles and fungal infections are less known. We can tell you whether any of these pests are a problem for you and provide solutions if they are, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in damages. Only a professional can give you the peace of mind you need to be safe from these creatures. We have over 41 years of experience treating them and are State-certified to do so.

Protecting Pets and Your Yard

As imperative as our pest infestation control is for your lawn, it’s even more essential for your pets. Fleas can be a miserable and unhealthy nuisance to dogs and cats, causing them to itch and scratch. A common way these animals pick up parasites is by running around in an untreated yard, and you shouldn’t have to choose between keeping them safe and letting them play freely. With our skills and resources on your side, you won’t have to. We make your lawn a safe and pest-free place to be for property, plants, people, and animals alike. You can always count on us to send those uninvited guests on their way. Contact our crew for rates and schedules today.