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Napoleon, Michigan

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Watering can be a constant chore that takes up a lot of time—or it can be easy. Haligus Services offers the latter through a year-round service of any lawn sprinkler system in Napoleon, MI. We can set it up to do the watering for you so you never even have to think about it. Just three visits a year can make your life much easier, especially since we do everything sprinklers need. From repairs and inspections to adjustments and installation work, our team can do any sprinkler service your system requires.

Mid-April Spring Turn On

The season of bloom and growth means it’s time to start watering again to nurture your grass. We send our spring start-up lawn care experts to turn on your water supply. In doing so, they inspect the plumbing and pressure vacuum breaker for leaks as well as the operation and pressure of all lines, sprinkler heads, and spray nozzles. They also activate the controller, set the watering schedule, and test all valves for smooth operation. Finally, we can have them install a new battery and arrange repairs as needed in addition to straightening and adjusting for proper coverage.

Our Summer Mid-Season Check-Up After July 1st

The weather has changed now, so it’s time for another servicing. We come out to your home to turn on and check the sprinkler controller and valves for proper operation, setting it for the right seasonal watering schedule. Our certified technicians inspect the water source for leaks and inspect, adjust, and straighten the sprinkler heads for adequate coverage and distribution. A well-working lawn sprinkler system is crucial to a healthy green lawn. We provide every customer with both by keeping your sprinkler in perfect condition. Our team evaluates your lawn and landscape for moisture and repairs line breaks, broken sprinkler heads, nozzles, and electric valves as necessary. Summer is when your lawn needs water the most to fend off the heat, and we prepare your system to meet that need.

Lawn Winterization After September 1st

Now is the time that we get your yard ready for the cooling temperatures of fall and winter. We turn off the water supply to the sprinkler system and back drain the pipes and vacuum breaker. Another step is opening and back draining all manual drains and faucets, if required. Next, we blow all lines, electric valves, and sprinkler heads free of water with compressed air, then deactivate the sprinkler controller and electric valves. Now that winter is on its way, we ensure your system doesn’t waste water or expand in the icy temperatures, and is ready for spring when the time comes. Simplify your sprinkler tasks by contacting Haligus Services to schedule a visit. We come to you and bring all of the tools we need with us.